Crabapple Kitchen – Cafe & Wine Bar

Crabapple Kitchen is one very cool cafe located at 659 Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn. This place is simply a must for people to visit. This well-oiled machine ticks all the boxes; coffee, food, service & ambiance.

The service is spectacular and would easily rival many top restaurants. I have always been shown to my table and waited on professionally on each of my visits. However, typical of many currently popular restaurants, if there inst a table immediately available for you, your name will be added to the list and you will be asked to wait and/or dine at the bar area until such time as a table becomes available. If there is no space at the bar you will have to wait outside, and become increasingly jealous of those seated within. My suggestion, just call ahead and book a table. Simple.

Lets be honest, Glenferrie Road has a plethora of crap and fast food joints. Alright, … OK … they do have a couple of popular cafes around but exactly that …. they are popular …. and filled with the wannabe displaced hipsters. This place adds a little of the necessary class to the area, to which, all the upper class Hawthorn residents thank-you.

Coffee, coffee coffee. Crabapple Kitchen use Campos Specialty Coffee which provides for a very consistent cup every time. This blend may not be for everyone as it proves to be earthy and quite robust so just be weary if you are accustomed to weak imitations. Basically, if you like your espresso you’re golden but if you prefer your tall soy mocha, go to 7-11.

The food is amazing. Definitely places Crabapple Kitchen above the rest. In my opinion, a must try are the pancakes, and if you are asked if you would like a side of bacon with them don’t even contemplate saying no. The menu is diverse and offers a wonderful selection from across the globe. If you are feeling adventurous then visit on a Friday night where Crabapple Kitchen hosts Friday Night Flights, which is a one-stop culinary themed excursion to menus from around the world. But do you know what makes it even better..? A glass of wine.

Do yourself a favour, skip the garbage and try it out.

My rating 6.5/8

Have you tried Crabapple Kitchen? Let me know your thoughts.

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